Expectant Mums

  • Your baby’s head is straighter.
  • The ears and eyes take their final positions.
  • Complicated body systems begin to function, including the urinary and circulatory systems. 
  •  If your skin becomes too oily, you may be experiencing “pregnancy glow.” This is due to an increase in blood circulation that might make your face lighter and brighter. 
  • Your baby’s sense of hearing develops.
  • Baby forms fat tissue. 
  • You may have periodic pain in your legs. The sciatic nerve pain is caused by the pressure baby puts on the nerve.
          Tip to help you through the week: 
  • Consult with your doctor before taking any medication. 
  • If you are having a little girl, her fallopian tubes and uterus have positioned themselves into the correct place.
  • If you are having a little boy, his genitals may be noticed on your next ultrasound.
  • You might experience dizziness, so make sure you move slowly from a lying/sitting position to a standing position. 
  • The kidneys are making urine.
  • Hair is beginning to sprout on your baby’s scalp.
  • Do not take any herbal remedies without consulting your doctor.
  • Your baby is covered with a white substance called vernix caseosa. This substance helps the baby’s passage through the birth canal during labor.
  • Halfway There!
  • It is time to think about the delivery: Write down your thoughts and plans in a journal.