Lebanese Star Nancy Ajram Promotes Sanita® Bambi “Kids Early Learning” Campaign

Sanita® Bambi, a leading brand of baby diapers in the Middle East, launched a TV ad campaign to encourage quality baby and child care and to emphasize the importance of learning through play.

Being the best choice for mothers who take pride in providing ultimate care for their babies, Napco’s Sanita® Bambi diaper brand ran an extensive TV ad campaign to highlight the importance of early learning and inspire parents across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the Gulf region to secure a fun, safe, and dynamic learning environment for their babies.

Lebanese Star Nancy Ajram joined Sanita® Bambi as the spokesperson for its new TV ad campaign. The campaign stresses the importance of play in facilitating learning and developing a child’s personality, intelligence, and imagination. The TVC’s playful mood transcends promoting Sanita® Bambi's improved performance, instead focusing on the brand’s commitment towards helping raise brighter generations at an early age for an overall brighter future.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign launched under the slogan “3allem Walad, Btebni Balad” (Educate a Child for a Better Tomorrow) aired during “Kalam Nawa3em” show on MBC 1 and the Turkish series “Al Echk Al Aswad” on OSN, “Ya Hala” and “Ya Hala Chabab”. It ran from November 18 to December 2015 in the form of sponsorship and regular spots on major local channels including, MBC 1, MBC 4, MBC Drama, Zee Aflam, Zee TV, and Dubai TV.

Sanita® Bambi trademark is owned by INDEVCO and manufactured by Napco under license.