Baby Growth Stages

babygrowthicon 13 - 18 months

Motor Skills

  • Walks alone
  • Might run on flat surfaces
  • Picks up a toy and carries it
  • Piles two objects
  • Helps with getting dress/undressed

Sensory Skills

  • Has a regular sleep schedule
  • Remembers people and places
  • Understands more of what you say

Feeding Skills

  • Eats an extra variety of foods
  • Enjoys coarsely chopped table foods
  • Might be able to chew with lips closed
  • Holds and drinks from a cup, and possibly uses a straw

Communication Skills

By 15 months:

  • Follows simple commands
  • Shows interest in pictures
  • Indicates what he/she wants with gestures
  • May use 5-10 words and understands 50 words
  • Points to 1-2 body parts when named


By 18 months:

  • Responds to yes/no questions
  • Repeats words overheard in conversation
  • Able to pinpoint familiar objects and people in pictures