Baby Growth Stages

babygrowthicon 10 - 12 months

Motor Skills

  • Sits without support and is able to turn head
  • Explores environment and gets desired toys
  • Claps hands and throws objects without losing balance
  • Moves around while holding onto furniture
  • Figures out how to bend knees and how to sit after standing

Sensory Skills

  • Listens to songs
  • Examines toys using fingers and mouth
  • Crawls to or away from distant sounds and objects 

Communication Skills

  • Pronounces “mama” or “baba” in a meaningful context
  • Reacts to “no” and responds to easy directions
  • Responds to simple directions
  • Babbles one or two words and mimics rhythms of speech
  • Notices where you’re pinpointing 

Feeding Skills

  • Uses fingers to eat
  • Develops better control of tongue and lips
  • Accepts an increasing variety of smells and tastes
  • Bites through soft food depending on the presence of teeth
  • Begins to take liquids from a cup though bottle feeding may continue