Baby Growth Stages

babygrowthicon 7 - 9 months

Motor Skills

  • Crawls with an object in one or both hands
  • Moves from lying on back or tummy to a sitting position
  • Enjoys bouncing up and down, rocking back and forth
  • Stands firmly on legs when held in a standing position
  • Uses both hands to explore toys and reaches for them without falling 

Sensory Skills

  • Explores objects with hands and mouth
  • Turns several pages of a chunky board book at once
  • Looks for things you hide and searches for close objects
  • Changes positions to explore their surroundings  

Communication Skills

  • Babbles while using sounds and syllables 
  • Looks at familiar objects and people when named
  • Starts using hand gestures to communicate needs
  • Distinguishes between familiar and strange voices

Feeding Skills

  • Can drink from a bottle and places pacifier in mouth
  • Enjoys chew toys to relieve gums during teething
  • Reacts to new smells and tastes
  • Feels full after having solid foods