Baby Growth Stages

babygrowthicon 4 - 6 months

Motor Skills

  • Uses hands for support while sitting
  • Rolls over in both directions (front to back, back to front)
  • Supports weight on legs when standing and might bounce
  • Tries to grab close objects when put on tummy
  • Transfers a toy from one hand to the other

Sensory Skills

  • Begins to show memory
  • Enjoys a variety of movements
  • Is in a good mood when not hungry or tired
  • Is not annoyed at hearing everyday sounds

Communication Skills

  • Recognizes parent’s voice or touch
  • Begins to babble and seek attention
  • Makes sounds to express feelings
  • Mimics sounds and facial expressions
  • Gets attracted to toys that make sounds

Feeding Skills

  • Drinks from a cup with less spilling
  • Begins to eat mashed table food
  • Holds mouth open for spoon
  • Moves food from front to back of tongue