Baby Growth Stages

babygrowthicon 0 - 3 months

Motor Skills

  • Opens and closes hands
  • Brings hands to mouth
  • Can stretch out legs and kick
  • Uses arms to raise head while on tummy
  • Moves both arms up and down at the same time

Sensory Skills

  • Likes soft tangible sensations
  • Keeps head centered to stare at faces
  • Tries to reach for a colorful dangling toy
  • Tracks moving objects with eyes when put on back
  • Is comforted by rocking and gentle sounds 

Communication Skills

  • Makes eye contact
  • Cries become distinct (e.g., hungry vs. tired)
  • Watches facial expressions and smiles as you talk
  • Turns in the direction of familiar sounds
  • Cries less and vocalizes more (giggling, cooing and making vowel sounds) 

Feeding Skills

  • Uses tongue to suck
  • Swallows fine when fed
  • Turns head toward nipple or bottle